Maryland, Virginia, and Washington DC Chimney Services

Beautiful Home with New Red Brick ChimneyWhen it comes to your family's safety being proactive is important. XL Service LLC recommends a yearly cleaning and Level 1 inspection of your chimney, fireplace or heating unit. With chimney fires happening more frequently than you would imagine and some leading to serious loss of property and even fatalities, guessing if your chimney, fireplace or heating stove are safe should never be an option!

As Certified Chimney Professional, we know what it take to clean and maintain your chimney and stove heating units.

We offer these services for the proper maintenance of chimneys, fireplaces, and pellet and wood stoves.

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We make it easy to get get a price quote or schedule a professional Certified Chimney Sweep to help you. You can book a service call or schedule an appointment all online. Or if you prefer, call us at Call Now 888-580-0886 to chat about your special need or concerns. As Chimney Professionals we want to help you get the information you need and to quickly and easily find out about our services and pricing.

If you think you have a problem with your chimney, please save your family's lives by not using your fireplace or stove until you can have a professional chimney expert, like XL Service LLC, come to review and inspect it for proper function.